sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2018


Should I speak english or not? 

The English language is important and people from all countries are studying it to be connected to the world. A lot of countries use English as a second language in school and the children start learning English very early.

By the way, are you learning English?

So here you go, there are ten relevant points to take an English course at Microcamp.

1. English is the universal contemporary language and one of the most spoken language nowadays. A large part of the world's population can speak or at least understand English, researches indicate that at the least in today's world two in eleven people can manifest themselves socially and culturally using the English language.

2. English is the international language of some representatives technical and communication terms science, of aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. The English language is surely a differential in the job market and can provide you with greater chances of a well-paid job  in a multinational company, for example, or maybe a work abroad experience.

3. English is the official language of 53 countries. This is a bunch of people, isn't it? So let's engage up in a conversation with those people?

4. More than 400 million people speak English as a native language.

5. It's so bad to be watching a movie and having to undergo yourself reading subtitles, isn't that true? English is the official language of the audiovisual entertainment industry, for example, music, movies and video games.

6. And of course that English is the official language of the new frontier that knocks at our door, the fabulous world of the internet and the globalized connectivities that are available there, make new friends by internet is amazing, let join the Discord?

7. The grammar and verbal conjugation of the English language is very simple, and pleasurable, so let's speak English together?

8. The conquest sensation of the small parts that form the knowledge about a new language is indeed wonderful to the intellect and to the spirit of the human being.

9. Many schools in different countries offer undergraduate and graduate courses in the English language format, bringing the opportunity to choose the best school for your training, having the English language as a facilitator to access information from around the globe.

10. And the main reason why...'cos it's cool to speak English! It is very good to sing that music that we like in English and with property, to be able to communicate without contradictions, when it is necessary, learning English you also learn the culture and customs of these people.

By Professor Master Science Raphael Teles Kantek