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The 2018 Trump Economy

The 2018 Trump Economy

The numbers have shown very sustainable and it is not by coincidence. When it was a Friday, Trump said that from the South Lawn of the White House few minutes after the announcement of the US economy grew at a 4.1% annual rate in the second quarter of the year.

Backing from a trip to the Midwestern heartlands, the President is doing very well possible over his administration. Trump is forging a strong economy for the pleasure of the electoral process of the Democrats, the strong economic message for the world that needs a path to follow.
The president is usually remembered when the economy is in flux, but this time with the rise in unemployment and with the 3% of the population active, relexo low interest and good government business industries have returned to be going full steam ahead, and he will be remembered for being a great administrator.

Trump is not the kind of person to pass that up like nothing.
Many times, according to the American press, the president exaggerates on his merits. But this time the numbers do not lie and the celebration is deserved. These results are derived from the controversial legislation of drastic reduction of taxes.
Are you going to stay out of that?

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The importance of verb TO BE: The english language foundation


The English language is an extraordinary language from a grammatical and global dispersion point of view. The simplicity of the grammar structure is the heart of the language and makes it very inviting to learn at any age. Among the initial points of the language we highlight the use of auxiliary verbs in the formation of sentences in order to avoid excessive conjugation of verbs, which are common in other languages such as Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Among auxiliary verbs the verb that all practitioners and enthusiasts of the English language must know is the verb to be, this verb is like the elder of all English verbs, and of all grammatical structures, is the oldest member of the family, the patriarch of the simple way of communicating, the progenitor of the current global language.  So we can consider it as a verb grid and with immense resourcefulness.

We use the verb to be when we are going to talk about where we are, for example:
I am at school.
I am at my girlfriend's house.
He is at the theatre.

We use the verb to be when we are going to talk about characteristics, for example:
You are beautiful.
She is sweet.
We are smart.

For the English language lovers a constant reading is fundamental for the knowledge improvement. Reading is the food of ideas and the consciousness of human beings, by exercising the reading it is possible to avoid degenerative diseases of the brain.

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Should I speak english or not? 

The English language is important and people from all countries are studying it to be connected to the world. A lot of countries use English as a second language in school and the children start learning English very early.

By the way, are you learning English?

So here you go, there are ten relevant points to take an English course at Microcamp.

1. English is the universal contemporary language and one of the most spoken language nowadays. A large part of the world's population can speak or at least understand English, researches indicate that at the least in today's world two in eleven people can manifest themselves socially and culturally using the English language.

2. English is the international language of some representatives technical and communication terms science, of aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. The English language is surely a differential in the job market and can provide you with greater chances of a well-paid job  in a multinational company, for example, or maybe a work abroad experience.

3. English is the official language of 53 countries. This is a bunch of people, isn't it? So let's engage up in a conversation with those people?

4. More than 400 million people speak English as a native language.

5. It's so bad to be watching a movie and having to undergo yourself reading subtitles, isn't that true? English is the official language of the audiovisual entertainment industry, for example, music, movies and video games.

6. And of course that English is the official language of the new frontier that knocks at our door, the fabulous world of the internet and the globalized connectivities that are available there, make new friends by internet is amazing, let join the Discord?

7. The grammar and verbal conjugation of the English language is very simple, and pleasurable, so let's speak English together?

8. The conquest sensation of the small parts that form the knowledge about a new language is indeed wonderful to the intellect and to the spirit of the human being.

9. Many schools in different countries offer undergraduate and graduate courses in the English language format, bringing the opportunity to choose the best school for your training, having the English language as a facilitator to access information from around the globe.

10. And the main reason why...'cos it's cool to speak English! It is very good to sing that music that we like in English and with property, to be able to communicate without contradictions, when it is necessary, learning English you also learn the culture and customs of these people.

By Professor Master Science Raphael Teles Kantek

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A preposition is a word that links a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to some other part of the sentence.

Prepositions can be tricky for English learners. There is no definite rule or formula for choosing a preposition. In the beginning stage of learning the language, you should try to identify a preposition when reading or listening in English and recognize its usage.

  • to the office
  • at the desk
  • on the table
  • in an hour
  • about myself

A preposition is used to show direction, location, or time, or to introduce an object.

Here are a few common prepositions and examples.


Used to express a surface of something:

  • I put an egg on the kitchen table.
  • The paper is on my desk.
Used to specify days and dates:

  • The garbage truck comes on Wednesdays.
  • I was born on the 14th day of June in 1988.

Used to indicate a device or machine, such as a phone or computer:

  • He is on the phone right now.
  • She has been on the computer since this morning.
  • My favorite movie will be on TV tonight.

Used to indicate a part of the body:

  • The stick hit me on my shoulder.
  • He kissed me on my cheek.
  • I wear a ring on my finger.

Used to indicate the state of something:

  • Everything in this store is on sale.
  • The building is on fire.


Used to point out specific time:

  • I will meet you at 12 p.m.
  • The bus will stop here at 5:45 p.m.

Used to indicate a place:

  • There is a party at the club house.
  • There were hundreds of people at the park.
  • We saw a baseball game at the stadium.

Used to indicate an email address:

  • Please email me at abc@defg.com.
Used to indicate an activity:
  • He laughed at my acting.
  • I am good at drawing a portrait.


Used for unspecific times during a day, month, season, year:

  • She always reads newspapers in the morning.
  • In the summer, we have a rainy season for three weeks.
  • The new semester will start in March.

Used to indicate a location or place:

  • She looked me directly in the eyes.
  • I am currently staying in a hotel.
  • My hometown is Los Angeles, which is in California.

Used to indicate a shape, color, or size:

  • This painting is mostly in blue.
  • The students stood in a circle.
  • This jacket comes in four different sizes.

Used to express while doing something:

  • In preparing for the final report, we revised the tone three times.
  • A catch phrase needs to be impressive in marketing a product.

Used to indicate a belief, opinion, interest, or feeling:

  • I believe in the next life.
  • We are not interested in gambling.

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