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Aplicativos para aprender Inglês.

Existem muitas opções hoje, listei alguns que vocês podem gostar. Espero que algum dessa lista possa te ajudar.


Cost: Free version or $8 – $18 per month, $80 – $180 per year

FluentU takes real-world videos like music videos, commercials, news, and inspiring talks and turns them into English learning experiences. Unlike traditional apps, FluentU uses a natural approach that helps you ease into the English language and culture over time. You’ll learn English as it’s spoken in real life.

Rosetta Stone

Website / iOS / Android

Price: Free (for a demo account)

If you’ve searched online for English resources before, you might have already heard of Rosetta Stone.
Rosetta Stone is probably the most famous method for learning languages.

It’s also very a unique method compared to many others.

Usually, an English app teaches you English with explanations in your native language. For example, if you’re French, you’ll see French explanations of English grammar, or French translations of English words.

But Rosetta Stone doesn’t do that—it teaches you English with English.



Price: $4.99


MindSnacks is known for its fun and simple to use interface.

For the English language, you can now expand your vocabulary with the SAT Vocabulary apps.
Traditionally, if you were trying to get a high SAT score, it’s important to look at the SAT vocabulary list. But it can be boring at times because it’s like studying an English dictionary.
MindSnacks helps make this process fun.
Instead of studying endless word lists, you now have fun games to learn new English words with. Learning new vocabulary is easier when you’re motivated—and MindSnacks helps make it fun.
There are nine mini-games inside of the MindSnacks app. Each game is designed to help you master English words a certain way.


Price: Free


Memrise is a bit similar to MindSnacks—the focus of this app for learning English is English words.
But, unlike MindSnacks, Memrise doesn’t help you learn through games.
Instead, it uses some creative, funny ways to help you remember what words mean.
And if something’s funny, you can probably remember it better.


Price: $30 / month


Open Language has a lot of different sections to learning English. If you’ve learnt another language before, you might know the CEFR—it stands for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which is a way to measure how good you are in a language. It goes from A1 (Beginner) to C2 (Native).
On every level, you’ll find different courses for different uses. For example, there’s Business English, English used in giving presentations, English in daily life and Interview Skills in English. As you can see, Open Language is really well organised.


Website / Android (French – English)

Price: $4.99 (App Store), $5.99 (Google Play)

Mosalingua is yet another app for learning English using some effective learning methods.
For example, one common problem many English learners face is forgetting a word after a some time.
While this is normal for anyone learning a new language, it can also be really frustrating.


Website / iOS  / Android

Price: 14,99 Euros / month (~USD 21)


Busuu is a little bit different than many of the apps we’ve mentioned here. Many apps for learning English we talked about so far are for personal use. For most of the lessons, you go through them yourself. With Busuu, however, you can talk with native English speakers to practice your English speaking—it’s a great way to practice your speaking.


Price: Free


With Duolingo, it teaches you English from many languages – French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and many more languages in the future.
Duolingo is designed to help you learn English quickly. That means if you’ve never learnt English before, by using Duolingo about twenty minutes a day, you can probably start to talk in simple English, read a lot of English articles, and listen to some basic English phrases in very little time. It’s really effective.

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