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Hi, people!
Anteriormente, já citei as partes de um computador em Inglês, agora eu vou explicar algumas palavras relacionadas a esse tema.

Download, Upload, Upgrade, Update, Browse, Operating System and  Flash Drive are words that are related to computers.

Let’s start with the OS (Operating System) which basically is a software that controls the operations of the computer. Examples of OS are Windows 8, Unix, OS  X, Linux, etc)

OS war big

Flash drive is also known as pen drive or flash memory. It is a device that people use for storing documents, pictures, songs, data in general.


Browser is a software used to view things in the internet, examples of browsers are Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.


Download and Upload are similar, these two verbs are used when we want to transfer data from/to a computer to/from  remote computer or server, their difference is that DOWNLOAD you get the data from a server or a host computer to your own and UPLOAD is the act of sending data to the server or host computer.


Update and Upgrade are also similar and make people quite confused. They’re both about changing something. Update is when you change a piece of information.
As for Upgrade is to get what you already have and change it to make it better. Examples

 of both:
“I’ve taken this nice picture just now, so I will update my Facebook profile picture and then have my Android upgraded.

I see you all next week!

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