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Olá pessoal. Hoje vamos ver algumas expressões usadas no mundo dos negócios e ver alguns exemplos de uso.

Back to the drawing board – They use this expression when they have to start over something that was not successful.
E.g: The marketing strategy didn’t work out. We need to go back to the drawing board.

Ballpark number – It’s an estimated value.
E.g: We don’t know how much profit we made this week, but I’d say the ballpark number is around 100 thousand dollars.

Blue collar / White collar – Blue collar workers work with their hands (maintenance, construction, etc) and a White collar worker is someone who works in an office, like in customer service, sales, etc.

Game plan – A game plan is a strategy. 
E.g: We need a new game plan for this crisis.

Hands tied – When someone say their hands are tied, they mean that there’s nothing they can do.
E.g: I wish I could help you but my hands are tied. (there’s nothing I can do to help you)

Win-win situation – It’s a situation where the terms are good for both parties and everyone wins.
E.g: This deal is a win-win situation. 

On a roll – When someone is on a roll, they are having consecutive successes.
E.g: I’ve made 6 sales on my last 6 calls. I’m on a roll here!

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