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Olá galera! Hoje vamos ver mais dicas para melhorar nosso aprendizado de inglês.

1 -Start a blog! – Start an English-language blog on a free platform like tumblr.com or blogger.com. This will help you get a lot of practice! Also, if you get popular you can start discussions with your readers, find other people that are trying to learn English too and even make some money from the blog.

2- Listen to audiobooks! – There are many audiobooks in English on Audible.com. Listen to your favorite book or find a new favorite and practice your English at the same time! Audiobooks are great especially if you have already read the book, so you know what they are talking about, now in English.

3- Read a book in English! Same thing as before. If you have already read the book, you’ll know what they are talking about in English now and it will be easier to recognize lines. Read a book slowly, writing down all the words you aren’t familiar with. Then, look them up in the dictionary or even on google.

4-Teach! – Share what you’ve already learned with your friends or even your children! This will help you cement the knowledge in your mind. Also, if you have a friend that is in the same situation, teach each other, share your knowledge and you’ll learn much faster.

5- Do English workout videos! – Doing this helps you learn much the same way a small baby learns – by watching and imitating. Plus, it’s good for your health!

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