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Hoje vamos aprender vocabulário sobre cidades e aprender como se diz esses termos em inglês.


Hamlets are very small settlements where the population is around 100 people, usually in rural areas.


A village is a group of houses or buildings in rural areas. They are larger than hamletsand smaller than cities.


Towns are settlements larger than villages but smaller than cities. The number of people needed for a settlement to be considered a town varies greatly among countries.


Cities are large and permanent settlements. Cities have all the infrastructure needed for humans to live, including sanitation, education, housing, transportation, health care and so on.


Metropolis are very large cities that are or have become the capital or chief city of a country. They have densely populated residential and commercial areas and have all kinds of facilities and services available to maintain such a large and usually growing city. In the past, this term was used to define the first and main city, from which settlers were sent out to find new places to start another city (anyone ever played civilization? :)

Inside cities we also have:


Mostly an administrative division managed by the local government.


The suburbs are residential areas that are in a commuting distance from a city.


Neighborhoods are residential communities existing within larger cities, towns or even rural areas. Usually people in the same neighborhood know each other with considerable interaction between themselves.


The downtown area of a city is the main or central area of it. This is an American term, that is thought to have originated in Manhattan. In England, they call it the “city centre” instead.
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Olá pessoal! Nesse fim de semana foi a noite do Oscar onde o Leonardo DiCaprio ganhou seu Oscar depois de tanto tempo!
Por isso hoje vamos aprender algumas palavras e expressões usadas em filmes que são úteis para discutir o assunto e entender um pouco mais sobre essa área.


The cast of a movie are all the actors and actresses starring in it. See the example below:
I loved the cast of the movie. I can’t wait to watch it.


character is a person in the story, played by the actor or actress.


The cinema is the place where the movies are shown in a big screen. You can also say “the movies” as shown in the examples below:
Let’s go to the cinema. / Let’s go to the movies.


The genre defines the style of the movie. Comedy, drama, action, horror, etc are all kinds of movie genres.


The plot is the series of events that will shape the story. It is often what makes the movie worth watching.
Even though the cast was not the best, the plot was fascinating.


A scene is a small part of the movie.
My favorite part was the scene where Leo fights the Bear.


The screen is the surface where the movie will be shown. When they say “the big screen” they are referring to the cinema.

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